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Keeping cravings in check

Food cravings.... they pop up out of nowhere.... and can easily derail a good day's eating plan. Usually these food cravings are for sugary or high fat foods and can very easily derail a good day's eating. Today, let's talk about a few strategies we can utilize to help us keep them in check.

Eat regularly and eat the right foods
Having a meal or snack every 3-4 hours can really help to keep cravings in check. There are many reasons for this. The big one is that it prevents you from getting too hungry. When we let ourselves get too hungry, blood sugar plummets and we can the signal "NEED FOOD NOW!" For instance, plan to have a snack around 3 PM so that you don't arrive home from work starving and searching the cupboards for a snack. You'll also want to ensure you are eating the right foods and in the right combinations.

Check in emotionally
Often cravings show up when we are stressed, lonely, sad, or tired. If you are feeling one of these emotions, check in and see if there is an alternative way to deal. Can you go for a walk? Talk with a friend? Write in a journal? Do some yoga? Eating a food that will make you feel bad won't solve the root problem. It will only help to numb things temporarily.

Find a healthier alternative
If you're really craving a specific treat, more likely than not there is going to be a better alternative for it. For instance, if you are cravings pasta try out spaghetti squash or zucchini noodles. Tacos? Try lettuce wraps. Got a sweet tooth? Check out Buff Bakery's latest blog post here.

Decide if it's worth it
If you are really wanting to have a specific treat, decide if it's really worth it and if so, plan it into your day. You can definitely still indulge and enjoy treats occasionally. It shouldn't be an every day thing nor should it be in excess amounts. If you're wanting ice cream, pick the small cone and then ensure the rest of your day is clean and filled with proteins and veggies. Don't get the extra large ice cream and then go for pizza, followed by 6 beers, ect.

Using these tips when a cravings strikes can really help to keep your diet in check and not ruin your good eating habits. Your food should leave you feeling satisfied, full of energy, mental clarity and emotional well-being. When a cravings pops up, determine the root cause, find a healthier alternative or decide if it's really worth it!

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