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Let's talk about stress

Stress is a big word. Today's lifestyle is set up for a high stress life. We all have many responsibilities like work, family, house maintenance, trying to fit in some social time, getting in your workouts, ect. Today, we're going to discuss a few strategies you can utilize to help you deal more effectively with stress.

Workout...but don't overdo it
Getting in a solid workout is an amazing way to de-stress and rejuvenate the body. A solid sweat session can help to clear your mind and relieve frustrations. A feel good session should last between 40-60 minutes, combine some strength training and metabolic conditioning and leave you feeling MORE energized than when you started. Watch for overdoing exercise however which can elevate stress hormone levels. If you are working out for multiple hours a day, feel more tired than when you started or very sore then it's a good idea to scale back or add in some extra rest days. 

Stay well hydrated and well fueled
We've heard it a million times. "I was too busy to eat" or "I forgot to drink water". When your life is extra busy and stress is high, these are the times when prioritizing good, quality nutrition and hydration is even more important. Aim to get in at least half your body weight in ounces of filtered water every single day. Meal prep is key when life is busy. It doesn't have to be complicated or special. Keep it simple by grilling up some veggies and protein with a quality fat. 

Shut down your electronics
Being accessible to the world 24/7 is a major stressor. Today, you can receive a troublesome e-mail about work at any hour, have your entire life on social media or be constantly entertained. Our brains need some down time too. A good suggestion is to power down all electronics for at least 30 minutes prior to sleep. Instead of browsing the internet, read a book, do some light stretching or just hang out and talk with a family member. Let your mind detach from cyber space every single day. 

These are some quick tips to help mediate stress levels. Stay active but recover well, hydrate and nourish your body and un-plug every single day. Small things like this can have a huge impact on your stress levels and hence, your entire outlook on life!

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