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Synergee Athletes


Synergee is for everyone. You are an athlete. You are our athlete.


Right off the bat, we’ve got to let you know: your body is already an incredible, amazing machine. Whether you are new to working out or a long-time athlete; you are purchasing a barbell to squat 35 lbs or 350 lbs; you are under- or overweight or looking to maintain:

You are capable of amazing things.

You are an athlete. You are our athlete.

We’re inspired by your decision to prioritize yourself, your health, your body and mind, because it takes work: consistent, concerted, conscious work!

We know you are probably not sponsored or paid to workout full-time. You probably don’t have a crew of people who plan your workouts, count your macros, and massage your aching muscles post-workout.

The following bios are inspired by our athletes: real people, like you, from all walks of life and fitness journeys. We hope their stories ring true with you.

Your biggest challenge isn’t someone else. It’s the ache in your lungs, the burning in your legs and the voice inside you that yells, ‘I can’t.’ But you do not listen. You just push harder. Then you hear that voice fade away and start to whisper, ‘I can.’ That’s the moment you discover that the person you thought you were is not a match for the person you really are.” – unknown author


Ben grew up playing sports. Throughout his childhood, he was never short of opportunities to run around and play a game of football with friends. But after high school came college, after college came an apprenticeship, after the apprenticeship came his career, and before Ben knew it, climbing up a flight of stairs left him out of breath. He felt slow at work and tired when he got home, so he decided to revisit one of his favourite childhood activities: MOVING.

As a tradesman, Ben works sporadic hours and travels quite a bit, so fitting his life into a gym’s schedule is near impossible. He wants to get his squats, curls, shrugs, and running in whenever and wherever is convenient for HIM so he can put more of his energy towards the job he loves.

Now, Ben doesn’t leave for a job placement without a Synergee S-3 Bar, a few bumper plates, and his running shoes in the back of his pickup. He feels stronger and more energetic every day. Plus, working on his own personal fitness has inspired him to arrange a pick-up football league with old friends.

Ben's Picks: The Mighty Minimalist

Synergee S-3 Cerakote Olympic Bar, 20KG Gray
Synergee Aluminum Barbell Collars, in Black
Synergee Training Bumper Plates, 160 LB Set

Carrie (and Curtis!)

Carrie and Curtis do everything together. When Carrie’s not at work, you’ll find her and Curtis out for a walk, reading stories, or playing at the park. Carrie is Curtis’ shining role model; and Curtis is Carrie’s favourite person in the world.

Carrie was hard-pressed to find the right gym solution. As a single mom, finding childcare for an extra hour in the evening can be difficult and costly. Plus, after spending a whole day at work she’s eager to get home and hang out with her son! And on top of that, she would love for Curtis to see her working out to demonstrate that staying fit and healthy is important and fun!

Carrie was ecstatic when she found Synergee.

Affordable home fitness equipment was exactly what she needed!

Two pairs of dumbbells (one for herself and one for Curtis!), a set of mini bands, a core slider, and a soft plyo box (which doubles as her ottoman) allow her to get a sweat on in her apartment without using up much valuable space. Plus, it cost under $300: way less than a gym membership and a baby-sitter!

Carrie and Curtis love trying new move and workouts! Curtis says when he grows up, he wants to be strong like mommy!

Carrie’s Picks: Fun and Functional

Synergee Soft Plyo Box, 3-in-1 (16/14/12 inches)
Synergee Core Slider in Green
Synergee Mini bands, assorted 5 pack

Curtis’ Pick:

The Soft Plyo Box! It's fun to climb!


Kate is a self-described fitness nut. She is a energetic Education student who has trouble sitting still, and is excited to have her own kindergarten or phys. ed. class one day.

Although she has a gym membership through school and attends regularly, Kate loves having some fitness toys on hand to break up studying. Between reading books and completing assignments, she loves to mobilize with a foam roller - even at the library!

When she needs a mental break from academics, she loves to switch gears and shift her focus towards perfecting a muscle-up. She lives with her parents and has converted their garage into a mini gym. It’s amazing how many workouts you can do with a kettlebell, a jump rope, a set of gymnastic rings, and ankle weights! And she bought it all on a student budget!

Kate believes a large part of her ambition and academic success comes from her commitment to fitness. She can’t wait to bring her love for health and wellness into her future classroom!

Kate’s Picks: Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop Toolbox

Synergee Aluminum Jump Rope in Rose Gold
Synergee Adjustable Ankle Weights, 10 lbs
Synergee Gymnastic Rings, 1 inch grip
Trigger Point Therapy Foam Roller in Lime


Gary just welcomed his 5th grandchild into the world. So far, he’s grandfather to a 12 year old, a 10year old, 6 year old twins, and now a newborn.

Gary walks with his “Feeling Gray-t!” walking group and rows at his 55+ Center twice a week each. His 55+ Center bought their rowers from Synergee and Gary has the record for fasted 5K!

Gary and his wife, Susan, work hard to keep fit so they can keep up with their grandchildren and watch them grow. They enjoy taking them on hikes and playing tag.

Gary wants to be a role model for his grandkids; but being a role model for his peers is equally important. Gary is mentally alert, physically strong, and demonstrates consistent exercise is key to a long, healthy, and happy life!

Gary’s Picks: Keep it Up!

Concept 2 Model E Indoor Rower in Black

Sarah Beth & Amber!

Sarah, Beth, and Amber are friends from work. They may work in different departments, but they have a lot in common - a shared love for The Bachelor, Beyonce, Pinterest and Working Out. All three of them also have the slightest case of Gymtimidation.

At the gym, they find there are too many complicated machines, and too many scowls when they erupt into giggles between sets. So they prefer to meet up on Saturdays to crush a workout they Pinned earlier in the week. And of course, they laugh along the way.

Every Saturday morning, they rotate between each others’ homes and share their Synergee equipment to do whatever Core Burning, Butt Scultping, or Hiit Workout piques their interest! The portability of their equipment allows them to work outside in the sunshine, too.

What they would have spent on gym memberships paid for all the Synergee equipment they need for their versatile workouts. And the extra dollars fund their Post-Sweat Sesh Brunches, where they blare Queen B and speculate whether the Bachelor will ever find love!

Sarah, Beth & Amber’s Picks: Pin it, Do it!

Synergee Core Slider in Pink and Core Mat in Blue
Synergee Weighted Sandbag, 40 lbs in Blue
Synergee Non-Slip 3 in 1 Wood Plyo Box, 20”/18”/16”
Bosu Sport


Sue is a woman of few words. She likes to lift heavy and often.
She loves starting her day with a strength session in the basement, followed by coffee with her hubby, and then they both head to off work.

She competes in local and provincial Olympic lifting competitions and is gunning for nationals. She’s confident this is her year.

She currently cleans more than 1.5 times her body-weight.

She follows a strict diet, a meticulously planned training schedule, and she spends most Friday nights at her favourite bar… bell.

Sue likes puns, too.

Sue’s Picks: Bare Bones Bad@$$

Synergee S-2 Olympic Barbell, 15 KG in Hard Chrome
PB Extreme Coloured Bumper Plates, 10lbs, 25 lbs, 45 lbs
Synergee Barbell Collars in Dynamic Silver
Synergee Programmable Interval Gym Timer