Synergee Core Sliders
Synergee Core Sliders
Synergee Core Sliders
Synergee Core Sliders
Synergee Core Sliders

Synergee Core Sliders

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Slide into fitness with our Synergee Core Sliders! Get a total-body workout: from lunges and squats to push up variations, you can target specific muscle groups or tone your entire body with these discs. Plus, with virtually every move, you’ll be forced to engage your core and challenge your balance, giving you a strong abdominal workout every session!

Synergee Core Sliders are 7" in diameter, making them the perfect size for your feet or hands. They are dual-sided, too, so you can use the smooth side on carpeted floors and the cushioned side on hard and smooth surfaces.

If you are looking for an affordable, versatile, portable, and user-friendly tool to add some fun to your fitness routine, look no further! Add them to your cart!

Core Slider Guide

Dimensions (Inches) 7"x7"x0.5"
Colors Black, Green, Pink, Red & Yellow

Core Slider Specs

Brand Synergee
Dimensions (Inches) 7"x7"x0.5"
Sides Plastic & EVA Foam
Color Yellow, Red, Pink, Green, Black
Warranty 1 Year - Manufacturer Defects

Synergee Core Slider Exercises

Happy Core, Happy Life

Your core is the central link that connects your lower and upper body, and it deserves your focus, energy, and appreciation!

Nearly every movement you make – whether it’s in your everyday tasks or at the gym – either originates in your core or engages it in some way. That means the strength of your core will impact how well you can use your arms and legs and your overall power output. Your core helps with balance and it provides foundational support, strength, and stability for every move you make!

Which is why these Core Sliders are so great! Along with bringing you closer to having a killer six pack, strengthening your core with our Synergee Sliders will help you perform any bending, twisting, lifting, carrying, and reaching movements with more strength, power, and ease. It will make you more mobile over your lifetime and ward off debilitating lower back pain.

In short, a Happy Core makes for a Happy Life!

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