Synergee Flat Exercise Bench
Synergee Flat Exercise Bench
Synergee Flat Exercise Bench
Synergee Flat Exercise Bench
Synergee Flat Exercise Bench
Synergee Flat Exercise Bench
Synergee Flat Exercise Bench
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Synergee Flat Exercise Bench

$199.95 CAD

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    Synergee Flat Bench

    You might as well throw away your mattress – once you lie on the Synergee Flat Bench, you’re never going to want to lie on anything else. Ok, maybe that’s a stretch. But you’ll definitely never want to BENCH on anything else!

    Our bench is an impressive foot print of 46" x 20”: perfect for any short, tall, or in between Bench Presser! The Synergee Flat Bench comes in three pieces that take minutes to assemble. There are no tiny thing-a-majigs to fumble with; just 4 sturdy pieces that make set up quick, so you can get right to lifting! And less pieces also means less moving parts and more stability.

    Our bench is fashioned from Steel and will provide you with unwavering support. The Synergee Bench is fitted with a comfortable foam and diamond-emblazoned black fabric that helps wick away sweat, keep you comfy, and that looks totally awesome.

    Storing and moving your bench is a breeze with the handle, wheels and its crazy lightweight construction (only 28lb!). No more awkward carrying; just bad@$$ benching.

    Flat Bench Guide

    Color Black
    Foot Print (L x W) 46"x20"
    Pad Thickness 2.5"
    Max Capacity 1,000lb


    Over the years, we’ve had our Synergee Athletes complain that they consistently found benches to be too small! If you can relate to that – or you’re just looking for an affordable, dependable bench in general – then we’ve got your back. Literally.


    Our Steel Bench has a wide base and solid footings to keep you safe and secure when you’re pumping out those reps. As long as it is set on a flat surface, the Synergee Bench will do the rest to keep you supported and stable while you sweat it out!


    You don’t need an engineering degree to put this bench together. It comes with everything you need – from Allen Keys to Wrenches – and takes minutes to assemble. This bench comes in 4 big pieces so it’s not only simple to build, it’s also got a strong, high-integrity design!

    Flat Bench Specs

    Brand Synergee
    Max Capacity 1,000lb
    Color Black
    Foot Print
    (L x W)
    Pad Thickness 2.5"
    Steel 11-Gauge Steel
    Weight 28lb


    Yes, you should be benching!

    Everybody can benefit from the Bench Press! Whether you are preparing for a Lifting Meet or you’re just training for life, training your chest muscles is important for everyday, functional movements: pushing a grocery cart, throwing a ball, getting up when you fall down, and many more movements you do on the daily would benefit from perfecting moves such as the Bench Press.
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    Synergee Flat Exercise Bench has a rating of 4.8 stars based on 80 reviews.