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Synergee Premium Resistance Band Kit


Resistance bands, also known as exercise bands, fitness tubes, and resistance cords, are a great way to add variety to your strength training routine. Synergee resistance bands are made from high quality, natural latex material to ensure maximum life. Each resistance band set comes with a soft cushioned foam handles for comfort during exercise. Resistance bands are an excellent alternative to free weights, workout machines, and traditional body weight exercises. Training with Synergee resistance bands may assist with rehabilitative exercises, fat loss, building muscle and are ideal for travel.

  • Get the ultimate total body workout with Synergee resistance bands. They are perfect for muscle building, fat burning, CrossFit training, pilates, yoga and much more
  • Each resistance band is equipped with a heavy duty metal clip. This makes it possible to combine the bands with other resistance bands to produce up to 75 lbs of resistance
  • We have incorporated Anti Snap resistance band tube technology. Synergee bands are made of only the highest quality premium natural latex 
  • Bands Included: Purple Extra Light (2-10 lbs), Blue Light (10-15 lbs), Yellow Medium (15-20 lbs), Red Heavy (20-25 lbs) and Green (25-30 lbs) 
  • Includes: Heavy Duty Door Anchor, Carrying Bag, Ankle Strap and Starter Guide

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