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Synergee Deadlifting Jack
Synergee Deadlifting Jack
Synergee Deadlifting Jack
Synergee Deadlifting Jack
Synergee Deadlifting Jack
Synergee Deadlifting Jack
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Synergee Deadlifting Jack

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Synergee Deadlifting Jack

Every lifter knows loading and unloading your barbell is a pain in the butt, the back, and occasionally your big toe (ouchie!). With the Synergee Deadlift Jack, that pain and frustration is replaced with ease and efficiency!

The Synergee Deadlift Jack provides a lever to lift your bar and slide weights on and off during your lifting sessions. Whether it’s for deadlifts, cleans, hip thrusts, or whatever else you have planned, the Jack allows you to save energy for your exercises.

The Synergee Deadlift Jack, when set on the ground, sits 10" high and 20" lengthwise. The Barbell Hold is a 2" opening. The long lever allows you to get under your bar and lift it with control, ease, and safety.

Deadlifting Jack Guide

Dimensions 20" x 4.5" x 10"
Max Capacity 400lbs
Color Black


You can keep struggling and fumbling with your plates during your lifting sessions… or you can pop them on, slide them off, and enjoy your programming! The Deadlift Jack allows you to do the latter!


This small jack packs a big punch. At 20” x 4.5” x 10” it can lift your bar and then be tucked away until it is needed again. It’s on hand when you need it & out of your way as you crush PRs.


Jack your barbell up without fear of damage! The point of contact on the Synergee Deadlift Jack is padded to keep your bar secure during loading while also protecting the knurl and coating.

Deadlifting Jack Specs

Brand Synergee
Length 20"
Ground Distance 10"
Handle Length 4.75"
Weight Capacity 400lb
Material Steel
Coating Black Powder Coating


Yeah, you’ve heard it in every workplace safety video! But even though you have this tool to ease the load of your barbell, don’t get complacent! DO NOT start yanking those 45 lb plates off your bar standing over it like Gumby!

You still must ensure you are sliding the weights on and off the bar in a position that does not compromise your back. Because back pain is NO FUN!


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