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Synergee Farmer Walk Handles

Synergee Farmer Walk Handles

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Want to work your glutes, quads, calves, back, shoulders, core, and forearms all at once, using one simple movement, and one stellar piece of equipment? Um, yeah; who doesn’t? All of this can be done with our awesome Synergee Farmer Walk Handles!

Our Bar-style Synergee Farmer Walk Handles offer a straightforward way to load up, get moving, & get strong! Each Handle offers 14” of loadable sleeve, weigh 23lbs, and has a 800lb weight capacity (400lb per handle). The sleeves are 2” in diameter and compatible with bumper plates and regular collars – NO SPECIFIC COLLARS REQUIRED! The black powder-coat finished bar looks pretty, has a great grip and protects the steel from abrasions and rust.

Grip the elevated handle and brace yourself - these handles will challenge your stabilizer muscles like no other!

Farmer Walk Handles Guide

Max Capacity 800lb (400lb Per Handle)
Sold As Pairs Yes
Color Black
Synergee Logo On Handle White

Farmer Walk Handles Specs

Brand Synergee
Handle Weight 46lb
23lb Per Handle
Length 64"
Loadable Sleeve Length 14"
Max Capacity 800lb
Tested At 400lb Per Handle
Material Steel
Coating Black Powder-Coat
Warranty 1 Year - Manufactures Defects

    These handles are designed for the weight training traditionalist. Just load up the handles and walk. Those who are recognized for being the most industrious and the backbone of society do these movements on the daily: since farmers are recognized for their legendary strength, why not train like them?


    Our Synergee Farmer Walk Handles are constructed with premium steel and coated with black powder-coat finish. The steel and coating combination allows for a 800lb weight capacity (400lb per handle) and protects your bar from abrasions to increase its longevity to the max!


    These Handles are incredibly effective, they look awesome, and they build functional strength. No fancy, thin collars required; use your trusted Synergee Aluminum Collars and Bumper Plates to get your workout started!

Get Farm Strong!

Farmer’s carries have so many benefits!Coach Magazine describes them, including:

“developing a strong core brace, which ensures the spine remains neutral by protecting against both shear and compressive forces; enhanced proprioception (your sense of where your body parts are positioned), because you must move with the load while maintaining a braced core; increased willpower and focus, because loaded carries are tough to do; and, of course, muscle growth because of the extended period of muscular tension, especially in the upper back, forearms and legs”.

These are all awesome things. You should do farmer walks. And you should do them with these Farmer Walk Handles.

Head over to Coach Mag to read more about why Farmer’s Walks should be your go-to full body exercise!

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