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Synergee Fitness Hammer
Synergee Fitness Hammer
Synergee Fitness Hammer
Synergee Fitness Hammer
Synergee Fitness Hammer
Synergee Fitness Hammer

Synergee Fitness Hammer

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Do you know how Thor Odison got so supernaturally strong and sexy? In part, it’s from swinging around a hammer! Do you know how you can be more strong & sexy, like Thor?! By swinging around our Synergee Hammer!

Our Synergee Fitness Hammers are relatives of our Macebells and Indian Clubs. These Hammers are particularly aimed at building your stability, control, capacity for transferring force, and – of course –slamming! They are especially perfect for workouts involving tire slams and will provide huge benefits to any wrestling/grappling athletes! It develops your wrist and shoulder stability, along with forearm and grip strength, which rarely get worked otherwise.

Our hammers have knurling on 90% of the handle to provide superior grip during your swings and strikes. The Hammers are available in 5 lb increments; minimum 5 lbs and maximum 30 lbs. The durable steel and black powder coating make these hammers last long and look great, rep after rep. Slam those goals!

Fitness Hammer Chart

Weight 5-30lb (5lb increments)
Length 29.7"-40.1"
Material Cast Iron
Sold Individually Yes

Fitness Hammer Specs

Brand Synergee
Bar Use Specialty
Bar Weight 5-30lb
Knurl Standard
Coating Black Powder Coating
Bar Length 5-10lb: 28"
15-40lb: 36.6"
Material Cast Iron
Warranty Manufacturer Defects - 1 Year

    These Fitness Hammers allow you to swing, slam, and strike to build your strength, stability, balance, and control. Plus, it feels really really good to slam a tire with a hammer! Build your strength, unleash your full body power, and release your frustrations, all at once! It feels AWESOME!


    This Hammer has been constructed with attention to detail and welded by professionals. The piece is constructed to withstand every workout you throw at it and more.


    The Handle is fitted with Standard knurl for low and high grips. This knurl allows you to hold the handle with a solid grip, but without exhausting your forearms more than necessary. Hit all the right muscles and have a slammin’ good time!

Tire Slams

The go-to move with a fitness hammer is the Tire Slam! This movement combines the benefits of conditioning and power movements and it will work your upper body, core, and legs all at once! The key is to start in the proper stance, use your hips to generate power, and follow through to transfer that force through the Hammer and into the Tire!

Of course, there are other movements you can do with this gear: halos, side slams, kneeling slams, and more!

Check out this article from BarBend to see the different movements you can do with your Synergee Fitness Hammer (and a tire)!

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