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Synergee Core Sliders & Mini Bands
Synergee Core Sliders & Mini Bands

Synergee Core Sliders & Mini Bands

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Our Synergee Fitness Pack will get you closer to having the strong, flexible, and toned body you want! Synergee Exercise Resistance Bands are great for targeting your butt, shoulders, hips, arms and legs to increase strength and flexibility. The Synergee Core Slider engages your core and strengthens your stabilizer muscles. Perfect for Insanity Asylum, CrossFit, P90X, Yoga, Pilates, and more!

Our Synergee Fitness Pack is comprised of the most affordable, versatile, portable, and easy-to-use collection of gear we sell. This pack is perfect for class instructors; people who have limited space to workout; athletes that travel frequently; and anyone/everyone in between. It’s a small price to pay for endless workout possibilities and remarkably durable gear!

Core Slider Guide

Black Pink
Dimensions (Inches) 7" Diameter, 0.5" Thick 7" Diameter, 0.5" Thick
Resistance Band Guide
Yellow Green Blue Black
Resistance Level Light Medium Heavy Extra Heavy
Resistance (lbs.) 5-20 20-35 35-40 40-45


Brand Synergee
Slider Dimensions 7" Diameter, 0.5" Thick
Slider Material Plastic & EVA Foam
Slider Colors Black & Pink
Mini Band Dimensions 12" Long, 2" Thick
Mini Band Material Latex
Mini Band Resistance Levels 5-45lbs
Warranty 1 Year - Manufacture Defects

Synergee Core Slider Exercises

Achieve Fitness Harmony!

This Fitness Pack is perfect for doing some hard but balanced workouts that will result in strength, flexibility, mobility, and stability gains! Pairing Slider and Band movements together makes it easy to pair Push and Pull exercises.

Pair push and pull exercises to hit opposing muscle groups (ex. biceps & triceps or abdominals and erector spinae). This pairing can help you avoid over-training some muscles and under-training others, making you more balanced, stronger and helping you avoid injury!

For example, pair curls with the Bands with Sliding push-ups; or Banded hip thrusts with Slider knee tucks.

As well, you can always use the Bands to add resistance to your Slider moves and vide versa!

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** Note: Our Synergee Core Sliders and Mini Bands are perfectly suited for every Slider + Booty Band exercise featured in this video (plus, we sell our gear at a way better price!)

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