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Synergee Macebells
Synergee Macebells
Synergee Macebells
Synergee Macebells
Synergee Macebells
Synergee Macebells
Synergee Macebells
Synergee Macebells

Synergee Macebells

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Macebells are a piece of strength equipment that have been conditioning invincible warriors for centuries. As far back as the 1200’s, Gada – a club with a spherical head which our modern-day Macebell is fashioned after – was used to strengthen Persian soldiers; and into the 20th century, it’s been incorporated into strongman training.

In short, this piece of equipment is timeless and recognized for making incredible athletes. If you want to face everyday with the determination and resilience of a warrior, add a Macebell to your workouts IMMEDIATELY!

Our Macebells are simple and effective: made of cast iron, heavy towards the spherical end, and embossed with 1.2 mm diamond knurling on the shaft to aid with grip. Macebells are available in 5 lb increments from 5 to 40 lbs.

The multitude of unilateral movements and core- and shoulder-engaging workouts you can do with this one solid piece of equipment is staggering. To be a warrior, you need to train like one. You need a Macebell.

Macebell Chart

Weight 5-40lb (5lb increments)
Length 31.6" - 43.7"
Material Cast Iron
Sold Individually Yes

Macebell Specs

Brand Synergee
Bar Weight 5-40lb
Knurl Standard
Coating Black Powder Coating
Handle Length 5lb: 28"
10-40lb: 37.5"
Material Cast Iron
Warranty Manufacturer Defects - 1 Year
Bending - Lifetime
  • 1Simple & Long-Lasting:

    The Macebell is one solid piece with no moving parts. This makes it easy to use, transport, and store. Aside from wiping the chalk off it after workouts, maintenance is minimal, and their lifespan is exceptionally long.

  • 2Endorsed by Warriors & Strongmen:

    Since the 13th century, Persian warriors have been using macebells to prepare them for battle; and since the 20th century, strongmen have been using macebells to train their bodies to handle any heavy, unconventional items that come their way. The strength benefits this equipment provides has been proven for nearly 1000 years and it will work for you, too!

  • 3Constantly Varied Functional Movements:

    The Macebell is unique because of the challenges it can bring to your workout that no other piece of fitness equipment can. The weight is meant to be far away from your center of gravity, making the weight feel heavier than it is and forcing your stabilizer muscles to work harder (i.e. get stronger) to counterbalance the uneven weight distribution. The Macebell makes you WORK for every rep!

If you are new to the Macebell game, start light and start slow. The progression you should focus on is:

1) gain good static control (holding the Mace in place);
2) good fluid control (moving in one plane, not too much rotation);
3) good dynamic movements (a full, swinging and rotational movement)

If you start swinging right away, you could do more harm to your body than good. Because the Macebell is unevenly distributed weight, you need to allow your body to accommodate this long, extended lever. Focus on keeping the Macebell close, not overcommitting to the movement; that is, don’t allow it to pull you out of a solid, grounded position.

Learn to counterbalance the weight, swing it under tension and with intention, and you will gain that warrior strength you are after!

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