Synergee Multi Exerciser Bar Cable Attachment
Synergee Multi Exerciser Bar Cable Attachment
Synergee Multi Exerciser Bar Cable Attachment
Synergee Multi Exerciser Bar Cable Attachment
Synergee Multi Exerciser Bar Cable Attachment
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Synergee Multi Exerciser Bar Cable Attachment

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    Synergee Multi-Exerciser Bar Attachment

    The Synergee Multi Exerciser Bar Cable Attachment will allow you to hit your lats at every angle! This expertly constructed attachment has a 360-degree-rotation hanger and knurled rubber grips for a hard-hitting workout.

    Each Multi Exerciser Bar is compatible with a Cable Machine that has a standard carabiner attachment. Clip in your Multi Exerciser Bar and get to work!

    The Synergee Multi Exerciser Bar is 13” wide. The arms extend from the center anchor point down, then out. There is 6” of knurled rubber on the horizontal portions of the Bar, and 4.5” of knurled rubber on the vertical portions. There is a circular, rubber end cap on either end for a comfortable, reinforced grip.

    Each bar is constructed with solid steel, finished with chrome, and fitted with a smooth-moving swivel. Built to last and constructed to give you the best arm and back workout ever!


    Building the strength and stability of your traps, rhomboids, serratus, and lats will offer incredible benefits. A stronger back means better posture, improved spine, and injury prevention.


    This ain't called the Multi Exerciser Bar for nothing! This attachment features knurled handles on horizontal and vertical portions of the handle. Wide grips, narrow grips: workout your entire back on the Synergee Multi Exerciser Bar like a pro!


    Our Multi Exerciser Bar Attachments is constructed with steel for a solid, long-lasting piece of gear. We finish it with chrome for aesthetic as well as a functional purpose. Looks great & will last through all the reps.

    Multi-Exerciser Bar Specs

    Brand Synergee
    Use Attachment
    Knurling Standard
    Handle Diameter 64 mm
    Length 13"
    Material Steel & Rubber
    Weight 7.6lb


    Attach your Multi Exerciser Bar to a low (i.e. shin height) setting. Grab the handles, stand up, then bend forward so you are in bent-over row position. Start with arms extended, then complete the row by pulling the handle to your stomach. Return to start.


    Our Multi Exerciser Bar has knurled, rubber handles that allow you to grip tight with no rip! The rubber is comfortable and saves your hands from smelling like metal. Plus, it diverts moisture away from the steel components.


    Attach your Bar to a high position (above your head) on your pulley system. Grab the handles in a hammer grip position, and then sit down. Start with arms extended. Pull the bar down to your chest.