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Synergee Tricep Bar
Synergee Tricep Bar
Synergee Tricep Bar
Synergee Tricep Bar
Synergee Tricep Bar
Synergee Tricep Bar
Synergee Tricep Bar
Synergee Tricep Bar
Synergee Tricep Bar
Synergee Tricep Bar
Synergee Tricep Bar
Synergee Tricep Bar
Synergee Tricep Bar
Synergee Tricep Bar
Synergee Tricep Bar
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Synergee Tricep Bar

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Synergee Tricep Bar

The Synergee Tricep Bar is an ergonomic dream for anyone looking to target and strengthen their upper body! While this bar is main use is targeting your triceps, it can also hit your biceps, anterior deltoids, chest, and more!

The Tricep Bar is different from any other bar we sell because of its vertical grips. The rectangular frame has two parallel grips running crosswise to provide the perfect positioning for Tricep Extensions, Bench Presses or many other exercises. Grips are embossed with medium-depth knurling to help with grip. The rotating sleeves allows the weights to rotate as you move through your exercises, adding to the ease of use. And the entire piece of gear is welded with precision and the utmost attention to detail, giving it a long lifespan that will help you get ALL THE GAINS!

The bar weighs 19.25 lbs, has 2-inch diameter sleeves and 6.5-inch long sleeves, and has a 200-lb capacity. It’s a no brainer – if you want a stronger, leaner upper body, then you need this bar! Just choose between Chrome, Black Phosphate, or Cerakote and then get lifting!

Tricep Bar Guide

Black Phosphate
Red Cerakote
Bar Weight 19.25 lb 19.25 lb 19.25 lb
Capacity 200 lb 200 lb 200 lb
Coating Chrome Black Phosphate Red Cerakote


Like every piece of Synergee Equipment, our Tricep Bar is made from expertly chosen materials and assembled with attention to detail to give you top quality fitness gear. Each Tricep Bar is fashioned from steel, coated with Black Phosphate, Chrome, or Cerakote and welded with precision to provide you with a strong, durable piece of equipment that will hold up rep after rep.


Forget twisting and contorting to hit the exact muscle group you want to work. The Tricep bar provides vertical bars for comfortable positioning and to minimize muscle strain and stress. “No pain no gain” doesn’t need to be your guiding fitness philosophy. Instead, lift smart you’ll be lifting longer and with less injury.


Despite its unidimensional name, the Synergee Tricep Bar can be used throughout your workouts to target numerous muscle groups. From Hammer Curls to Bench Press to Raises, the Tricep Bar can strength more than just your Triceps. But of course, they can make those subtle, sexy, back of the arm muscles pop, too!

Tricep Bar Specs

Brand Synergee
Bar Use Specialty
Bar Weight 19.25 lb
Diameter 28mm
Knurl Standard
Shaft Coating Chrome - Black Phosphate - Cerakote
Bar Length 34"
Loadable Sleeve Length 6.5"
Max Capacity 200 lb
Warranty Manufacturer Defects - 1 Year
Bending - Lifetime


Pair push and pull exercises to hit opposing muscle groups, especially your biceps & triceps. Do them in the same session, or alternate between Push and Pull days. For example, pair bicep curls (pull) with skull crushers (push).

This pairing of movements and muscle groups can help you avoid over-training some muscles, and under-training others. This will make your body more balanced, stronger and will help you avoid injury!

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