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Synergee Weighted Workout Bars
Synergee Weighted Workout Bars
Synergee Weighted Workout Bars

Synergee Weighted Workout Bars

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Synergee Workout Bar Combo Packs give you the weights you need in the most convenient, compact, and comfortable package imaginable! These bars are perfect for new and experienced fitness enthusiasts and are extremely easy to incorporate into a workout.

No assembly required - these bars are ready to go and will have you sweaty in seconds! When your hands get sweaty, in particular, the durable & comfortable foam padding reduces slippage, meaning you can lift without worrying about dropping the bar.

Each bar is marked by a colored end cap to add a pop of excitement, and to let you know what weight it is by quick glance. Each bar measures 48" long and 3 cm in diameter.

Workout Bar Chart

5-10lb Pack
12-15lb Pack
20-25lb Pack
Bars Included (1)5lb, (1)8lb & (1)10lb (1)12lb & (1)15lb (1)20lb & (1)25lb
Weight Colors 5lb-Purple
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    The Synergee Workout Bars will fit every exercise routine. Whether you are new to working out or you’ve been doing it for years, these bars will grant you VIP access to your very best fat-burning, muscle-pumping workouts! They transport easily and storage is simple – just pick them up and put them down over and over again until you feel the BURN, whenever and wherever you are!


    Synergee Workout Bars are constructed with durable, breathable padded soft foam to give you the most comfortable grip when you are lifting. Plus, the foam padding helps prevent slipping – even when your palms get sweaty (don’t worry, it happens to everyone!).


    Each bar is fitted with bright, fun, colorful end caps! These caps add a punch of excitement to your workouts, and they make it really easy to identify the weight. Plus, these colors match with the levels of resistance sported by our Power and Mini Bands! Because consistency is key!

Low Weight, High Reps

If you lift a light weight (i.e. 50% of your 1 Rep Max) 20-25 times, you are going to get tired. And you know what? That is supposed to happen!

This type of training provides your body with an awesome workout: it helps you gain strength, build lean muscle, and tone up! Even though you are lifting less weight per rep, you are lifting it more times, so your Work Volume – reps x weight – remains at an Awesome Level! These weighted bars are perfect for this type of training!

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